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What I offer

I work with individuals and couples and practise in an integrative way, which means my approach adapts to you. This can involve looking at how your past affects your life and relationships now or at what’s directly coming up in the sessions. It could also be about what gives your life meaning and what deeper message is unfolding for you.


With couples, it's often about untangling the sticking points in the relationship and clearing a path forward. Negative patterns can slowly creep in and become ingrained. So these sessions can be a place to reset and address the needs of the relationship by looking at any unhelpful patterns, disconnections or unresolved issues.      


I also offer short-term premarital couples sessions. The aim is to uncover the expectations, desires and unspoken rules each person brings to the relationship. Common themes are children, money, sex, conflict and love. These sessions are about each partner gaining a greater understanding of the expectations and needs they bring to the relationship. And moving forward with a solid foundation.     

My Approach

My Approach

I'm very interested in the relationship we have with ourselves and how that allows us to fit into the world. Together we’ll discover what has brought you to this point and how you can move forward.


My integrative training means I have multiple approaches to therapy. Different people respond to different things. And I see each person as unique so the therapy adapts to you, to meet you where you are. Together we'll discover how you've arrived at the place you have so you can have a choice about how to move forward.   

Sometimes words don't say everything you need and I've found working with imagery, dreams, visualisations and embodiment very useful. These can speak in a different way, beyond the rational brain. And often get to deeper, unexpressed parts that contain a unique message. 

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