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Men's relationship workshop

If you are divorced, estranged, ending a relationship or single this group could be a place to explore where you are, how you got there and where you would like to go.


Later this year I'll be facilitating a men's relationship workshop. It'll be a space for men to share their own experiences and to hear other men's experiences. Men don't often have a place in their lives to explore their relationship difficulties. Therefore it's a way to give space to the feelings and thoughts that don't get much attention. 

Something about the idea: Relationships can be confronting, complicated and confusing. This group is a place to explore the challenges and dynamics in your relationships both past and present. It's only through understanding our relationship style that we can make different choices and find a fresh approach. If this sounds like something that would be helpful 
please contact me via the details below to register your interest. 


The workshop will have a loose focus of four parts. Each part will be a lift-off point. We'll explore relationships from different angles and gain more understanding of how things ended up the way they did, what we can do about it and how to move forward. It'll involve group sharing, some reflective exercises as well as some relationship theory. 


Part 1: Where are you now?

Part 2: How did you get here?

Part 3: How do your past and present collide?

Part 4: How can you move forward?

This workshop will be held in central London. The number of participants will be between 10 - 15 people. 

Next steps

Please get in touch and register your interest using the form below or email at: 


It would be helpful to know something about you as well as any questions you have.

  • What you'd like to get from the group?

  • Do you have any previous experience of therapy?

  • How would you describe where you are now, divorced, single or thinking about leaving etc? 

Thanks for submitting!

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