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Q&A - Useful questions

I'm new to therapy, what actually happens? 

Therapy involves listening, talking and reflecting on how your life has developed to this point. It can often look at how past events have affected the present and what patterns have formed as a result. You could think of it as a healing conversation. Particularly as all of your emotions, thoughts and feelings are welcome in the sessions. Therapy is a collaborative process where we actively work together to understand how you can have more choices and move forward. I also appreciate that starting therapy can bring up a lot of anxiety so part of my job is about helping you to find your way through the discomfort. Having been in that seat myself many, many times I do know how it feels.      

How long will it take?
Each client is unique but short-term therapy is around 10 sessions and long-term therapy could last a couple of years. It depends on your goals and what you'd like to get from the sessions. However, I do tend to work with people longer term which on average would be about nine months.  

How often are the sessions?

Generally, it would be one session each week with each session lasting 50 minutes. With couples, the sessions are between 50 minutes and 1.5 hours. Consistency in therapy is important so it helps to discuss holidays or breaks in advance.     

What if I feel it's not working?

Discussing this in the sessions is a very important aspect of the work. Unpacking what is happening and how you are feeling is a valuable part of the process. Although ending is ultimately the client's decision it's better to explore this and plan for it.    

How do you know therapy works? 


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